Fulfillment by Gbowo is a last mile delivery service that helps e-commerce companies provide sustainable same day and next day deliveries. We help you wow your customers by delivering a powerful post-purchase experience.

How it works

We provide incredible post-purchase experiences to your customers that help accelerate your brand’s growth.

Micro-Warehouse Network

We position your product at our micro-warehouses located in optimal city locations. These micro-warehouses are located in dense urban areas allowing us to lower the cost of expedited shipping while providing sustainably fast deliveries.

Also, since these warehouses are the same hubs we use to store our wholesale club products, we are able to leverage that to offer you very competitive storage rates.

Fast and Sustainable Delivery

Offer sustainable packaging and zero emissions delivery*. Using our own drivers and electric vehicles, we deliver your website orders to customers within a set radius of each micro-warehouse.

In addition, we ensure that all packaging used for deliveries are eco-friendly thereby offering you a fully sustainable last mile delivery service from order receipt to your customer.

*(In situations where our electric vehicles are unable to be utilized, we use conventional vehicles to ensure customers still get the same day delivery guarantee)

Full Visibility and Returns Pick-up Service

Your customers are notified as orders go out for delivery and are able to track the driver.

In the event a customer needs to return an item, we can also offer a sustainable returns pick-up service. We pick up returns for you and ship back to you in one bulk shipment at whatever frequency you prefer.

Interested in offering your customers fast and sustainable delivery?

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