1 Carb Multi-Grain Tortilla - 2 Pack (24 Tortillas per pack)

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Hi there! We’re Anthony and Ronald Alcazar, the founders of Mr. Tortilla. We founded Mr. Tortilla in San Fernando, California after seeing the need to create a healthy yet affordable tortilla for people, without sacrificing flavor. Growing up in a Hispanic household, we were always used to the delicious taste of homemade tortillas and wanted to replicate that homemade taste in our tortillas.

With the goal to create the best tortilla in the world engrained in our mind, we set out to accomplish this as recent UCLA graduates in 2012. Since then, we are proud to say that we have successfully created an amazing product. Along with our traditional flour tortilla’s success, our low-carb tortillas became a hit staple in the low-carb/keto community. We are now also on a mission to revolutionize tacos. A couple of years ago, after devouring 8 double-tortilla tacos, we experienced a post-taco-guilt. As a result, we had the idea of creating a guilt-free tortilla for all taco lovers like us, so we set out to create the world’s best low-carb taco tortilla. After many years of development, we have now created the world’s first 1 carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla.

Allergens: Contains Wheat and Soy

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