6oz Spicy Habanero- Paneer Cheese - 2 Pack

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Sach Foods' Spicy Habanero Paneer is made with delicious, organic grass-fed milk. It's just got 5 ingredients (Organic Milk, Organic Habanero, Organic Red Chilli, Organic Vinegar, Sea Salt). Paneer has long been a top choice as a healthy vegetarian protein. Each 1oz (28g) serving size of Sach Paneer has 7g of protein (2x no of grams in tofu) and only 1g of carbs, making it super nutritious and Keto-friendly. - ORGANIC, GRASS-FED, KETO, AND GLUTEN-FREE - Our paneers have less than 5 ingredients. They are 100% organic and natural. 

HOW TO ENJOY - Pan fry Paneer in a bit of ghee, butter and simply stir into your favorite curry. Drizzle with olive oil, some lemon juice and place on a grill. Stir fry Paneer with crispy veggies.

MADE IN CALIFORNIA - Ethically sourced, Artisanal, and Ready-to-eat.

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