Arvoli Hibiscus Infused Raw Honey 8oz - 2 Pack

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Count: 2 Pack
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We carefully infused Raw Organic WildFlower Honey with Hibiscus - we do not subject our product to any excessive heat, filtration, or pressure.

Citrus flavors, tangy aftertastes, with a beautifully unique pink color - this honey will put a smile on your face. Put this in your tea, homemade lemonade, and drizzle over a salad for a tasty twist!

Dunk a tablespoon of this amazing honey in a cup of tea, drizzle it over toasts and bagels, and over fruits and nuts. ENJOY!

No chemicals, concentrates, extracts, colorings, etc

Available in 2 or 4 Pack of 8 FL oz and 1 gallon pail

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