Eliya King Coconut Water - 12 Pack

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Meet the Eliya King Coconut Water! Subtly sweet with a smooth taste and packed with electrolyte power, it’s nature’s way of getting hydration just right.

100% Juice Certified USDA Organic

Hand Harvested

No Added Sugar

Vegan Friendly



Single Country Origin

Whole30 and Paleo Compliant

Kosher Certified

What is King Coconut? The King Coconut, indigenous to Sri Lanka, is a coconut variant orange in color that was made by mother nature solely for drinking purposes. This special coconut is aptly named “King” not only for its richer taste but also for being a coconut variant with naturally occurring electrolyte levels that are very similar to our blood plasma, making it the perfect hydrating drink. The King Coconut naturally contains 2x the electrolytes with 35% less sugar compared to the green coconut, used by all other brands in the US. Green coconuts are grown for their meat, milk, oil, and husk, leaving the water as the byproduct.

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