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We don’t know exactly who first discovered popcorn. It’s been a part of human lives for thousands of years. Long before movie theaters, or trips to the ball game, or evenings spent under a blanket with a book, people still loved this magical treat. The joy of popping kernels and dancing snacks spans generations, cultures, and ways of life. We love to imagine a kid, millennia ago, listening to popcorn leap off the cob and anticipating a warm, savory snack. We're certain that then, as now, it was an opportunity to gather and share a special time.

Then, people popped some of their corn straight from the cob. We still do that today - though now a microwave helps out a little. Our on-the-cob popcorn is a modern treat from ancient times. It’s as easy as putting the cob in the microwave with its special included bags, and waiting for the popping to stop. Then, top it with whatever seasonings you prefer and your snack is complete.

We grow our non-GMO popcorn just like people have for thousands of years. We let it dry naturally in the fields before hand-harvesting it and bringing it indoors to complete its curing process. On our small family farm, the long rows of rustling corn are a reminder not only of our connection to each other but also to whoever first tried heating up a dried kernel of popcorn - and got a surprise to celebrate.

4 Pack

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