Messy Bun- Cinnamon Bun Coffee 12 Oz - 2 Pack Ground & K-Pod Combo

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Warm cinnamon taste, light roast with a dash of hazelnut to give it that cinnamon bun you oh so devilishly desire! Hands-down our best seller for a reason. With the most repeat purchases, Messy Bun has established itself as a staple in every Coffee Over Cardio household.

Messy Bun is a 100% Arabica and Costa Rican coffee. It is a clean, mellow bean that allows the flavoring to shine. A lot of companies will take a cheaper, bitter bean and add flavoring - our coffee stands out because we took a high-grade bean, grown on the side of the mountains in Costa Rica, and added a little bit of flavor to the beans prior to roasting. The result? We turned great beans into a memorable cup of coffee.

12 Oz (2 Pack of 1 Ground Coffee bag & 12 count K-Pods)

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