Vegan Chicken - Plant Based Chick'n Mix (Mediterranean) - 2 Pack

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MIX. SHAPE. COOK – Just add water and oil to create a Mediterranean seasoned chicken substitute crumble mix that can be shaped into anything. Perfect for Kabobs, Falafels, and Gyro recipes. Suitable for most cooking styles: pan fried, oven baked, air fried, grilled etc.

SOY- FREE TEXTURED VEGETABLE PROTEIN – 21g of Protein per serving – Made from dried textured wheat and pea protein (contains gluten).

CLEAN INGREDIENTS – Meat substitutes are filled with chemicals. Cholesterol free, rich in Vitamin B12, Vegan certified, Kosher, and no preservatives. No refrigeration required for dry mix (1yr shelf life).

VEGAN GROUND CHICKEN – A simple vegan solution for meatless home cooked meals. A well balanced texture with a Mediterranean flavor in every bite. 1LB OF CHICK’N PER BOX – One box can make FOUR 4oz chick’n breasts, TWELVE 1.5inch meatballs, or 1LB of ground chick’n. Cook what you need and refrigerate the rest in a closed lid container (up to 48hrs).

3 Pack

Made in United States of America

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