Westinghouse AA Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries 800 Hard 24-Pack

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The Westinghouse AA 1.2 Volt 800mAh Ni-Mh Solar Rechargeable Battery provides high quality green energy with excellent performance. This ready to use rechargeable battery is primarily used for LED Solar Garden Lights; However this battery can be used with other applications such as: Game Controllers, Remotes, Digital Cameras, RC cars, computer mouses, electric razors, and many other AA Battery applications.Other rechargeable batteries lose their charge while sitting on the shelf. Westinghouse Always Ready batteries are guaranteed to have a full charge within 6 month of purchase. After One year our battery will have a charge of 85%. Therefore you will not need to charge after purchase! Holds a Charge up to 5 years!

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride

Voltage: 1.2V

Capacity: 800mAh

Size: AA

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